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My fascination with franchising began in 1998 when I purchased my first franchise. I won numerous awards for top sales and was awarded exceptional operation honors while a franchisee in the Rita's system. I then was hired as a corporate employee, furthering my understanding of franchising.


I have been through the process of buying, owning, selling and working for this highly successful system and offer my services to others who would like to take a similar journey.


Rita's stores have the wonderful opportunity to cater and sell outside of their four walls. Allowing franchisee's to market, sample and sell their product to new and existing guests.


Rita's offers several concepts: from walk-up window stores, inside and outside seating stores and carts for a supplement to your existing location.


Rita's over the years have added to their product line evolving with their guests. The base product line of: Various Italian Ice flavors and Old Fashion Frozen Custard; Gelati, Misto, Blendini, Milk Shakes, Sundaes,  and toppings for these delicious frozen treats.

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